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1997 - Channel Four Films.

Director - Sean Mathias.

Rupert Graves - Officer On The Train.
Review / Synopsis.

A remarkable and sad film that neatly makes it's transition to the big screen from the stage production.

Times were hard for most in the war, mainly for Jews, religious groups, and homosexuals. This film, by it's obvious title, looks at the events of two of these homosexuals, Max (Clive Owen), and Horst (Lothaire Bluteau) at the time. Both are sent to Dachau concentration camp - where some awful sights are seen. You feel helpless watching the film, as you know there can only be one conclusion.

Starring Sir Ian McKellan, and Mick Jagger, the acting is very well done, probably better as the two main characters have to carry the main burden of discourse upon their shoulders.
A small appearance by Rupert Graves, who superbly plays an incredibly evil and sadistic officer, shows that more could have made of this film.

In all a very distressing piece of film.
James Shander.

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