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A Waste Of Shame: The Mystery Of Shakespeare And His Sonnets.
A Waste Of Shame: The Mystery Of Shakespeare And His Sonnets Spacer

2005 - BBC Television, Open University.

Director - John McKay.

Rupert Graves - William Shakespeare.
Review / Synopsis.

The Mystery Of Shakespeare And His Sonnets.

Inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets, William Boyd's A Waste of Shame offers an insight into the man himself - a story told in his very own words.

Rupert Graves stars as love-torn Shakespeare, Indira Varma as Lucie 'the dark lady' and Tom Sturridge as William Herbert 'the fair youth' in this intense drama about the passionate and destructive love triangle that consumed Shakespeare in his troubled middle years.

Adapting some of the most celebrated, sexual, raw, bitter and vitriolic love poems ever written, the drama explores the inspiration behind the sonnets. Internationally-acclaimed novelist and screenwriter William Boyd brings to life Shakespeare's inner thoughts, the biographical drama focusing on Shakespeare's mysterious relationships with the 'lovely boy' and his extramarital relationship with the prostitute Lucie - 'the dark lady' of his Sonnet sequence.

Based on academic sources, this BBC/Open University co-production for BBC Four delves into the mystery of who these people really were and how they influenced and affected the greatest writer in our literary canon.

Shakespeare is presented as a corpulent, middle-aged writer and businessman, separated from his wife and grieving for the death of his son. Desperate for work, Shakespeare takes a commission from Lady Pembroke, played by Zoë Wanamaker, to write 17 sonnets for an androgynous young lord, William Herbert, the soon-to-be Earl of Pembroke.

Herbert and 'the dark lady' provide the inspiration for the most celebrated love poems ever written.
Produced by Chrissy Skinns and directed by John McKay.
Broadcasts on BBC Four in November.

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