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A Room With A View.
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1985 - Merchant Ivory Productions.

Director - James Ivory.

Rupert Graves - Freddy Honeychurch.
Review / Synopsis.

In the opening scenes of this masterful film by the Ivory/Merchant team we are given the title: Miss Bartlett (Maggie Smith) and Lucy Honeychurch (Helena Bonham Carter) are discussing the woes of their Italian room not having a view.

Lucy is a very respectable young lady from a very respectable and proper family, and she has been given the joys of visiting Italy and all it's glories with her prim and proper lady companion, Charlotte Bartlett.

Basically the film is a wonderful love story, indeed everything about this little gem say wonderful.

The viewer is treated to glorious countryside scenes in both England and Italy as the story unfolds. Coupled with a stirring and haunting soundtrack, this film leads you to expect great things, and generally gives them in abundance. Whilst in Italy, Lucy Honeychurch comes across George Emerson, a striking charismatic young man (Julian Sands), and his dreamer of a father Mr Lewis (Denholm Elliot), who was very kind at the beginning of the film to offer Lucy Honeychurch and Mrs Bartlett a room with a view.

Some days later in an idyllic scene of Italian countryside, George Emerson kisses Lucy. Nothing shocking in that you say, very shocking really, as he never even asked her, and in these times it just wasn't the done thing.

There is the statement, George, having only known Lucy a few days is madly in love with her, Lucy for her part is excited but bemused by it all, and thus returns to her home in England.

In England we are treated to some weird and wonderful characters, notably the horrible Cecil Vyse (Daniel Day Lewis) who is nothing but a complete prat, who thinks that a woman is nice, because she likes to have him read aloud to her! Worse still, he plans to marry Lucy, and at present, she is allowing him these thoughts by agreeing to this. Even Lucy's younger brother, a madcap little fellow, Freddy, played by newcomer Rupert Graves, has the nous to know that he is basically a waste of time.

What will happen, will the awful Cecil marry Lucy?
By watching the film you might easily guess the end result, but the art of this film is in it's ability to tell a good story, and you will watch it all the way through I promise, and more than once.

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