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Where Angels Fear To Tread.
Where Angels Fear To Tread Spacer

1991 - Sovereign Pictures.

Director - Charles Sturridge.

Rupert Graves - Philip Herriton.
Review / Synopsis.

Just when you think, not another costume drama, along comes another.

This however, beats many that have come before it, hands down. Classy, with a little bit of sassy thrown in for good luck, this film just oozes style and competence. Congratulations to the production team and director Charles Sturridge, once again showing his skill and dexterity in putting forth what will become to be known as a cinema classic.

Centred around the so called values of Edwardian society, this film is both moving and humorous.

The acting, put it this way, is at times brilliant, at others just damned good. Great role playing from Helen Mirren, Helena Bonham Carter, Giovanni Guidelli, Judy Davis, Rupert Graves, Barbara Jefford, and the rest!
A treat to see.
Lorna Sams.

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