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2004 - Curtis Brown Films.

Director - Susannah Doyle.

Rupert Graves - Vinny.
Review / Synopsis.

Promotional Short.

When I was drinking I thought drink was God. But the truth is, God don't need no alcohol...'

Forced into sobriety, Vinny has had to re-invent his very sense of himself. He fully embraces the 12-step programmme of AA and makes it no secret that he owes his newfound strength and direction to allowing it into his life. But in dedicating himself to AA, he has also found the perfect, protected environment for his own twisted ego to flourish and thrive.

Starring Rupert Graves, Anthony Garner, Ashley Jenson, Paul Meston and Terence Beesley.

Production Notes:

Running Time: - 17 mins.
Producer: Tally Garner.
Editor: - Matt Lowe.
Dirctor Of Photography: - Alex Reid.
Sound: - Diz Toba.
Music: - EMF.
Screenwriter: - Susannah Doyle.

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