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1999 - In Film Praha Productions.

Director - Matej Minac.

Rupert Graves - Nicholas Winton.
Review / Synopsis.

Also known as Vsichni Moji Blízcí.

The film is set in Czechoslovakia in 1938, shortly before the Nazi occupation.

Doctor Jakub Silberstein, a Jew instead of fleeing to safety, he buys a splendid villa where he goes to live with his wife, children and some eccentric but amiable brothers. The life of the Silberstein family goes on normally, as though nothing were the matter, in a succession of weddings, parties, religious celebrations and everyday events.

Only when the brutality of the Nazis erupts in the Silberstein home and one of Jakub's brothers commits suicide does the family decide to save at least David, the youngest son, and so commits him to the care of Nicholas Winton (English actor Rupert Graves). Nicholas Winton actually existed in real life: he saved 664 Jewish children, succeeding in taking them out of Czechoslovakia and to England.

Starring Rupert Graves, Josef Abrhám, Jirí Bartoska, Libuse Safránková, Hanna Dunowska, and Krzysztof Kolberger.

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