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Air Force One Is Down.
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2013 - Sonar Entertainment.

Director - Cilla Ware.

Rupert Graves - Arkady Dragutin.
Review / Synopsis.

A fearless rogue soldier who makes his own rules, a dictator driven by vengeance and the most powerful woman in the world become pawns in the deadliest contest of wills to ever be played on the world stage.

The game begins now.

For Captain Fergus Markey (Jeremy Sisto, Law & Order), the capture of Serbian General Arkady Dragutin (Rupert Graves, V for Vendetta) is a success. With Dragutin sentenced to life in prison for war crimes, Serbia’s bid to join NATO is secured. To the Russians, the pact is a risk. But Markey still sees Dragutin as the threat. He’s convinced the dictator is in contact with a co-conspirator named Petrovic (Ken Duken, Inglorious Bastards).

His fear becomes a reality when Air Force One, en route to initiate NATO negotiations in Serbia with President Harriet Rowntree (Linda Hamilton, The Terminator), plunges into the Mediterranean. But President Rowntree is no longer on board—having already been cast as a victim in a terrifying but brilliantly orchestrated kidnapping scheme.

In a Serbian castle hideaway, President Rowntree, White House correspondent Francesca Romero (Emilie de Ravin, Lost) and exiled British diplomat Steven Featherstone (Jamie King, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) are being held hostage. In twelve hours, the President will be killed—on camera—if Dragutin is not set free. While Markey struggles to locate Pertrovic and his lair, the situation goes from bad to worse.

The exchange is sabotaged. Avengeful Dragutin disappears, the hostages’ lives still hang in the balance, and time is running out to find them. As loyalties shift and true identities are revealed, deception becomes the true war game. Now, the nature of survival will be tested to the limit—and the whole world will be watching.

©Sonar Entertainment.

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