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Listed below are the most often asked questions that the website receives.

Please take the time to read these questions, and the relevant answers before contacting the website, as your answer may be shown below.

Thank you.

Questions & Answers.
Question Can you please send me an autograph or photograph of Rupert ?
Answer Sorry, we don't send out these items upon request.
Question Is Rupert Married ?
Answer Yes, he is.
Question Is Rupert Gay ?
Answer No, he's not.
Question Can you send a message to Rupert on my behalf ?
Answer Sorry, this is not something we can do.
Question I sent a message to the website but I've had no reply yet ?
Answer We receive a large amount of correspondence, emails are answered asap, and you will receive a reply.
Question Can you supply me with a copy of a film or tv series Rupert has been in, I can't get it anyhwere ?
Answer Sorry, but the materials held by the website are for informational and archive use only.
Question I read online, on The Imdb, that Rupert was starring in a new film, but there's nothing on here ?
Answer Information is placed on the website only when it has been confirmed.
Question Why do I need a username and a password to watch video's or listen to audio files ?
Answer They are used to deter hot linking from other websites, which slows down the website for genuine users.
Question I read that Rupert is keen on football, which club does he support ?
Question Arsenal FC.
Question What is the "Xtra's" area of the website ?
Question It's where time limited or exclusive image galleries or puzzles are displayed, basically it's extra content.